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Common examples of construction accidents

At Leviton Diaz & Ginocchio Inc., we represent injured workers in their workers' compensation claims to help them receive the just compensation and benefits they deserve. In carrying out these efforts over the years, we have helped victims of a wide variety of on-the-job accidents.

56-year-old California construction worker dies in accident

No two jobs in California are the same. Each comes with unique responsibilities, but more importantly, each comes with its own share of risks. Even an office job can be dangerous in some respects, but few jobs compare to the perils associated with working at a construction site. There are too many variables, too many climbs up onto ladders and scaffolding and too many power tools and pieces of heavy machinery for a hard hat-wearing worker to ever be completely safe from the threat of a fatal accident.

7 deadly causes of forklift accidents

Forklifts are extremely dangerous and risky to have in any workplace. This is because they are being used in and around other workers who are walking on foot. Forklifts are heavy, they move quickly and they can crush unsuspecting pedestrians, killing them or causing catastrophic injuries in a heartbeat.

Scaffold accident prevention

Any California construction worker who regularly uses a scaffold to perform his job duties is risking life and limb every time he or she climbs up on top of a scaffold. Indeed, human beings were not meant to fall from heights of multiple stories, and if the worker loses his or her balance, it can result in catastrophic injuries.

Electrical safety: Preventing construction accidents through care

Did you know that electricity is one of the most dangerous forces on your construction site? Many welders and other operators are injured in electricity-related construction accidents every year. The consequences of these accidents can be dire, but some employers still refuse to take proper precautions to protect workers from electrical accidents. Here is how your employer should help you take charge of your own safety on the job.

Avoid becoming injured by a chain saw on a construction site

If you're a construction worker that uses a chain saw in the course of your work, it's important that you familiarize yourself with various safety tips below to maintain a safe workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released a number of steps to follow not only when a chain saw is in operation, but also before you start or are attempting to fuel it.

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