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July 2013 Archives

California lawmakers continue to seek to deny benefits to workers

As a culture, we like to believe that we have come a long way in the area of workplace safety in the last century. Government safety officials promote safety in most any type of workplace. Still work-related accidents can occur, whether in a cubicle, or on a construction site. Additionally, a worker may develop a work-related injury or medical condition over time.

Woman's foot crushed in North Sacramento car wash accident

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that contact injuries are among the most pervasive types of harm that workers suffer across the country. A contact injury is a fairly broad concept involving a workplace injury sustained in any contact with an object or machinery on the job. A subset of these types of workplace accidents involves a contact injury that results in a crushing injury. We discussed a fatal crushing injury last week that involved a form of compactor.

Janitor crushed in baler accident at Redwood City store

A sergeant with the Redwood City Police believes that a janitor may have leaned in a cardboard baler at the store where he worked before a tragic fatal accident occurred. Details about what happened, however, remain sketchy as officials continue to investigate the fatal workplace accident.

Cal-OSHA investigating two workers' deaths as heat-related

The United States Department of Labor estimates that thousands of workers develop heat-related illnesses on the job each year. Obviously, workers in any line of work who work outdoors may be exposed to extreme temperatures during the California summer.

Heat rises in California and raises workplace illness concerns

In the early spring we discussed the issue of heat-related illness in California workplaces. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has been raising awareness of the risks of heat illness for outdoor workers. Now, it goes without saying that many California workers continue to perform duties during blazing temperatures in the State.

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