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August 2013 Archives

Worker killed in Escondido forklift accident

In May, we discussed a fatal forklift accident at a Murrieta construction site. Authorities say that another fatal forklift accident has occurred in California. The most recent tragedy was reported at a small brewery in Escondido. Officials say that a brewer was operating a forklift when the machine rolled over.

Worker crushed in Fulton Mall moving accident under recovery

When details about an accident surface in the media, the reports are usually generated shortly after the incident. A news account may detail what investigators believe occurred based upon preliminary findings. These preliminary reports may or may not be very complete, and details can often be sketchy.

Race track official killed in wreck at Bakersfield Speedway

Tragedy struck at the races over the weekend. A man was killed Saturday in an accident at Bakersfield Speedway. The 54-year-old accident victim was serving dual roles as a race official and a tow truck driver at the event. Track officials often are located on the infield area of the track—four officials were positioned on the infield during Saturday’s race on the short track.

Road construction worker killed in Highway 99 accident in Merced

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that California ranks among the top four states in the country for fatal car accidents in or near road construction zones. Motor vehicle accidents near a work zone can place workers at risk for serious injury or death. In 2011, the CDC says that about 76 percent of all construction zone accidents involving a construction worker who was killed in a road project were traffic related accidents. But, that statistic merely means that about a quarter of the fatal occupational accidents were not related to a car accident at the construction site.

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