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September 2013 Archives

Surveyor killed in Mare Island construction site accident

We have discussed the idea that many different projects, crews and tasks can concurrently be running at a construction site. When two different crews are working in the same area, the proximity of the work may create the risk of serious injury for some workers. Different crews from the same company may share a site. However, at many construction sites, an array of contractors and subcontractors may be involved in the project.

Worker electrocuted at Desert Hot Springs elementary school

A worker was killed in a workplace accident on September 6 in Desert Hot Springs, California. Preliminary reports indicate that the worker, an electrician, handled a live wire while replacing a “power pack” on a lighting fixture for a classroom at Julius Corsini Elementary school in Desert Hot Springs.

Cal-OSHA says fatal Bay Point industrial accident was preventable

In April, we discussed the tragic accident in Bay Point that claimed the life of a 26-year-old man. The worker was employed by a company based out-of-state and was at the Henkel Corporation plant in Contra Costa County as a temporary worker when he was caught in an industrial mixing machine. He suffered crushing injuries.

Big rig kills construction worker in Berkeley accident

Authorities believe that failed brakes on a big rig may be implicated in a fatal accident at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley last week. A construction crew was renovating the track at the school when a parked truck began to roll down a slope. Crew members say that they called out to a man who was working on asphalt on the track, but the coworkers say that the man could not hear them.

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