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October 2013 Archives

Cal-OSHA revives Levi's stadium fatal accident investigation

In mid-October we reported that a second fatal accident had occurred at the site of the new 49er’s stadium. A delivery driver was killed when the load of rebar he was delivering fell off the side of the truck while being unloaded by a forklift. The accident claimed the life of the contractor.

Questions remain in double-fatal BART train accident

Federal investigators may delve into the idea known as simple-approval, a procedure used in some places when workers go near railroad tracks to perform duties. A spokesperson for the Metro transit system in the Los Angeles area says that the simple-approval system is not recognized in L.A., according to the San Francisco Chronicle. But, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system apparently still allows workers to use the system.

Another fatal accident reported at 49ers' new stadium site

An accident claimed the life of a worker early Monday morning at the construction site of the new stadium that will house the 49ers. Authorities say that a Vacaville, California, man who was delivering rebar to the site was killed in an accident around 7:00 Monday morning. Early indications say that the man was crushed under a load of rebar that he was delivering. The man worked for a subcontractor on the construction project, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Contractor killed in electrical vault fire in Huntington Beach

Something went terribly wrong while electrical workers were on site in Huntington Beach Tuesday. Many details about what happened are not yet known, but a contractor was killed in a worksite accident. The horrific incident raises many questions about safety at the site as authorities still do not know exactly what led to the fatal incident.

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