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March 2014 Archives

California firefighter suffers work-related illness

In some work environments, employees may be exposed to dangerous encounters. These encounters can lead to serious and permanent injuries to workers. In addition to injuries, workers can also suffer from work-related illnesses as a result of being exposed to high levels of smoke and toxins. A California firefighter has filed for workers' compensation after she allegedly sustained a work-related illness.

California employers can be held liable for fatal work accident

It's mortifying when someone is killed in a workplace accident. Falls are considered to be a primary cause of death for construction workers throughout the country. California employers can be held liable for a fatal work accident. Recently, an employee was killed from a job injury he sustained after falling 19 feet off a scaffolding.

California employee killed in work accident

Last summer, an employee was involved in a work accident that took his life. California Occupational Safety and Health stepped in and issued the employer fines for safety violations in regard to the work accident. According to reports, the employee was run over by a dump truck at a work site.

Baggage handler death at LA airport under investigation

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has decided to investigate what may have happened at the Los Angeles airport leading to the death of a worker. A 51-year-old baggage handler died on February 21 while working at the airport. Initial reports turned out to be somewhat confusing. Authorities suspected that the worker may have suffered a heart attack. However, the call to the county coroner’s office reported the fatality as involving an accident.

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