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May 2014 Archives

California industrial accidents spark investigations

Construction workers are predisposed to dangers by simply showing up for work. Several construction sites were the subject of investigation by Cal/OSHA in the recent weeks. The inspections started after multiple industrial accidents occurred over a period of just four days. One of the main goals for the inspections were to make sure the employers had thorough safety programs in place.

How California ranks in workplace accidents

Workplace accidents can cause employees to suffer from injuries and, in a number of cases, death. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 375 people died in workplace accidents last year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that it is recommended for employers to create their own safety programs. However, California is reportedly lagging behind when it comes to inspections and workplace safety.

Workplace accidents claim the lives of 2 mine workers

Underground mine workers in California are sure to be aware of the dangers they are exposed to on a daily basis. It would only be natural for their families to experience anxiety whenever their loved ones are at work. Although employers are required to provide safe working environments and ensure the compliance of safety rules, workplace accidents are regularly reported in the media.

Cal-OSHA fines California company following work accident

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has issued a series of violations to a well-known company, Tesla Motors. The violations have been considered serious and the company's fines amount to $89,000. An investigation was launched after three California employees were involved in a work accident which resulted in serious injuries and hospitalization.

California fair ride may expose employees to a work accident

Cal/OSHA recently launched an investigation into Butler Amusements, regarding its operations in California. The company has been fined over $100,000 by Cal/OSHA. Reports suggest that the company was fully aware that cross bracing and key bolts were removed and still facilitated rides anyway, which possibly put employees at risk for a work accident and patrons at risk for injuries.

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