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June 2014 Archives

Father dies, son injured in a forklift accident on the job

Working on mechanized equipment, such as a forklift, always poses potential personal injury hazards. The recent death of a worker in another state underscores the need for California employers to provide workers with safe environments and equipment that is in proper working order. In addition, employers are responsible for appropriate safety training of all their workers. Failure to abide by strict safety regulations may result in an accident on the job.

OSHA investigates after deadly work accident

After an employee died at his place of employment, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration stepped in. Five companies in California and other areas were issued citations for serious safety violations. The employee reportedly died in a work accident on a conveyor belt.

2 California men die as a result of an accident on the job

Construction work can be a satisfying occupation that allows those so employed to look back at the final product of their labor with a feeling of accomplishment. This work, though, is not without its danger since the possibility of suffering injuries from an accident on the job may be higher than in certain other occupations. Sadly, this type of incident recently claimed the lives of two California workers.

Workplace accidents at California construction sites

Workplace accidents can cause a significant amount of injuries and some of these accidents result in fatal tragedies. Back in 2012, there were 779 deaths and 269 of them were from falls. In the recent weeks, National Construction Fall Prevention week took place. Local companies helped to host events to increase understanding in operators and employees about safety hazards. Usually, these workplace accidents in California are as a result of falls from scaffolds and ladders.

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