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July 2014 Archives

Workplace accidents could cause life-threatening injuries

Construction workers are exposed to potentially life-threatening conditions each day. In addition to the threats posed by ladders, scaffolds and forklifts, mechanized equipment could cause severe injuries in workplace accidents. While construction company owners in California have a duty to provide safe working environments for their workers, they may not neglect ongoing safety training. Unfortunately, sometimes work accidents occur anyway, which is one reason employers are usually required to carry workers' compensation insurance to help cover injured workers.

Worker recuperating after workplace injury suffered in grain bin

California readers of this blog may want to share in the joy of a worker who was saved from sure death when he was trapped in a grain bin. The media report does not mention why the man was in the grain bin, but such dangerous circumstances should certainly be avoided. It is the duty of company owners to ensure the safety of their workers and avoid incidents of workplace injury. They are expected to follow the strict safety regulations that are prescribed by OSHA. All mechanical equipment should be inspected at regular intervals, and workers should not be expected to work in conditions where they are exposed to the working parts of such equipment.

Fire chief's workplace injury requires reconstructive surgery

Most workplace accidents occur as the result of an employer’s failure to abide by prescribed safety regulations. However, once in a while, a freak accident happens that cannot be blamed on anyone. A California fire chief recently had to undergo reconstructive surgery after such an unanticipated workplace injury.

California worker suffers burn injuries in work accident

Before employers of California workers instruct employees to work in confined spaces, they have to abide by strict regulations as prescribed by OSHA. These regulations are in place to avoid a work accident that could result in severe injuries or even death. The company must apply for a special permit to allow work in confined areas.

Accident on the job takes life of untrained construction worker

One of the biggest responsibilities of a California construction company owner is the safety of the workers. By following the strict safety regulations of OSHA, an accident on the job may be prevented. While construction workers are likely aware of the potential dangers they face whenever they are on a construction site, they rely on the construction owner to maintain a safe working environment. In addition, all workers should receive appropriate training for the tasks they are expected to carry out.

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