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August 2014 Archives

Inquiry of LAX worker's death after accident on the job complete

Following up on our blog post on March 3 about the death of a worker at Los Angeles International Airport (Baggage handler death at LA airport under investigation), the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) has completed its investigation and fined an aviation services provider more than $77,000. It was determined that the company had violated several safety regulations that could have contributed to the accident on the job that resulted in the baggage handler’s death. This investigation may have provided some answers to the victim's family, but they could be facing financial difficulties in addition to emotional grief.

Tree trimmer falls 50 feet to his death in an accident on the job

Every job has its hazards, and workers in all industries should be made aware of potentially dangerous situations. California employers have the responsibility to provide safety training to all their employees. In addition to supplying safety equipment such as harnesses for workers who are working at heights, it is the responsibility of employers and supervisors to ensure that such equipment is used in an appropriate way to avoid an accident on the job.

7 Workers suffer workplace injury in construction site fire

Construction workers in California are likely aware of the wide range of personal injury threats that exist in their chosen profession. One commonly associates workplace injuries on construction sites with accidents involving scaffold falls and forklift accidents, but there is a myriad of potential accidents that could occur and lead to workplace injury. Two construction companies are being investigated after a fire that occurred on a construction site in San Francisco.

Carbon monoxide exposure leads to 2 industrial accidents

Working in areas where high levels of gas are present could be fatal. Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their workers, and this includes monitoring the levels of poisonous gasses. Workers who are expected to work in areas where such gases could pose a threat should be supplied with protective gas masks to avoid industrial accidents.

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