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December 2014 Archives

Workplace injury brings hardship for window washer, family

The consequences of catastrophic injuries suffered by workers while they are on-the-job are usually far-reaching. In addition to the physical suffering, the financial impact can be devastating for a family who has no other form of income. California residents may recall the case of a window washer who suffered a workplace injury but survived after an 11-story fall from a building in San Francisco in November.

5-ton storage pod crushes truck driver in an accident on the job

California workers are likely aware that unanticipated workplace accidents can happen at any time. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating a workplace accident that caused severe injuries to a worker in another state. The county sheriff reported that it was an accident on the job that occurred on a recent December afternoon and involved a truck driver. It was said that the worker was delivering storage containers to a storage-pod facility.

Accident on the job causes fatal brain trauma to student worker

While many California workers may associate workplace accidents with industries such as construction work, hazards can exist in any industry, even in restaurants. Because fatalities in the hospitality industry are not a frequent occurrence, the existing safety hazards may not be recognized by owners of such establishments. A student who was hired as a server by a restaurant in another state recently lost her life in an accident on the job in a way that it is likely that no one expected.

Need help claiming benefits after a fatal accident on the job?

When California families lose a loved one as the result of a workplace accident, they will naturally be overwhelmed by the prospect of living life without the company and support of that person. In addition, they will experience the uncertainty and anxiety of having to cope without the loved one's financial contributions to the household and sole care of the children. In many cases, a worker who died in an accident on the job may have been a family's only source of income.

OSHA acts upon allegations of work-related illness at factory

Factory workers in California and other states expect their employers to provide safe working environments where they will be free of injury or illness hazards. Unfortunately, company owners sometimes fail to show concern for their workers, and in some cases, workers spend years fighting for their rights. Such a case was recently investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after workers have been complaining of being exposed to work-related illness for some years.

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