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December 2017 Archives

Follow these tips to help your carpal tunnel syndrome

When you're suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, the symptoms can be so severe that you're unable to perform your job duties. You could be feeling numbness in your fingers and hands, pain and other problems that prevent you from typing or using a computer. It might even feel as if there's absolutely nothing you can do to get better.

Workers' compensation: What kind of benefits can I receive?

A serious workplace injury is not an easy situation for the average California resident to manage. For one thing, the worker will be suffering from the pain and discomfort of the injury and he or she will be struggling to get better, get appropriate medical care and to gather enough funds to pay for the medical care. Secondly, the worker might not be able to continue working while injured, and this will significantly eradicate his or her income levels at a time when he or she needs a healthy income the most.

Repetitive motion injuries: What is tendinitis?

One of the most common repetitive motion injuries is known as tendinitis. This condition comes about as a result of doing the same motion over and over again on a daily basis without rest. Any worker -- even an office worker who uses a computer mouse and keyboard every day -- can contract debilitating tendinitis.

Is your construction job on the "most dangerous" list?

Any field in the construction industry has its hazards. Some workers, such as roofers, have a higher risk of falling from a dangerous height. Electricians face the possibility of electrocution on a regular basis. Excavators might find themselves under constant threat of a trench collapse. Since a construction accident might be waiting around any corner, many employers have to carry workers' compensation insurance.

5 workers hurt at a high speed rail construction site near Fresno

A serious accident happened at a massive high speed train construction project north of Fresno late last month. The incident left five workers injured after a tower fell over. Two of the workers needed hospital care for their injuries. The California Highway Patrol said that the workers' injuries were moderate and the worst of them may have involved a back fracture.

What should railroad workers do after a workplace injury?

Railroad workers receive a special kind of protection in the event of a work-related injury. These employees are protected under the Federal Employers Liability Act, which is also known as FELA. However, in order to protect their rights to receive compensation after a workplace injury, railroad workers need take several important and necessary steps.

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