7 Workers suffer workplace injury in construction site fire

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Construction workers in California are likely aware of the wide range of personal injury threats that exist in their chosen profession. One commonly associates workplace injuries on construction sites with accidents involving scaffold falls and forklift accidents, but there is a myriad of potential accidents that could occur and lead to workplace injury. Two construction companies are being investigated after a fire that occurred on a construction site in San Francisco.

A construction company and a contractor are renovating an old building, transforming it into a classy hotel, and various activities were underway when a blaze broke out on a recent Monday. It took firefighters more than three hours to extinguish the fire. The California Division of OSHA is investigating the accident and mentioned that a team of welders had been busy installing steel studs into an existing steel structure.

The possibility of sparks emitted from the welding causing the fire is being investigated. There were reportedly approximately 24 workers on site when the blaze started, and eight workers apparently suffered from smoke inhalation. Only seven of those injured were transported to a hospital for treatment, as the remaining injured worker declined medical treatment.

Most construction workers in California are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Eligible workers who have suffered a workplace injury may file claims for benefits to cover medical expenses that resulted from the injury. Workers who may find the claiming process intimidating, or those who had claims declined, may want to consider assistance with resolving the issue and moving forward in the process.

Source: ktvu.com, “Cal/OSHA looking into welding work before fire at former Renoir Hotel”, , Aug. 6, 2014

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