8 common factory and construction accidents

There are some kinds of factory and construction accidents that happen against and again. Most of these accidents don’t result in serious injuries. However, when circumstances are unlucky enough, these incidents can result in death.

For this reason, workplace managers and workers need to do everything they can to avoid the following types of common on-the-job accidents:

  • Electrical and plumbing accidents: Water and electricity don’t mix, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to have electric lines running through wet or damp areas at a site that’s still under construction.
  • Construction site accidents: Construction sites are full of opportunities to get hurt. If it’s a roadway construction site, oncoming traffic poses a risk. If it’s a multi-story building project, there are numerous fall hazards. Then there are numerous heavy tools and machinery that workers are using — and workers need to be careful.
  • Industrial equipment accidents: If you’re using a saw, a power sander, a jackhammer, a pile driver or some other piece of heavy equipment on the job — you need to be very careful to follow all safety procedures or you’ll risk getting seriously hurt.
  • Assembly line and factory accidents: Workers can get their arms, fingers, hands and clothing caught up in assembly line machinery. These incidents happen quickly and easily and can lead to disastrous injuries.

The above examples of workplace accidents are just a sampling of what can happen to California workers on the job. If you’re in danger at work, be sure to follow company safety procedures, ask your supervisor about any apparent risks and never take your safety for granted. This will help you avoid injury so you don’t have to pursue a workers’ compensation claim to pay for your medical care.

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