Accident on the job takes life of untrained construction worker

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One of the biggest responsibilities of a California construction company owner is the safety of the workers. By following the strict safety regulations of OSHA, an accident on the job may be prevented. While construction workers are likely aware of the potential dangers they face whenever they are on a construction site, they rely on the construction owner to maintain a safe working environment. In addition, all workers should receive appropriate training for the tasks they are expected to carry out.

A young man, age 18, lost his life on a bridge construction site in another state before even receiving his first wage check. An OSHA investigation revealed that the youngster had no previous experience in bridge construction work. The worker was tasked to dismantle the bridge panels, each weighing 1,800 pounds. He was killed by one panel that fell onto him. Investigators found that the employer neglected to provide the worker with the prescribed fall protection.

OSHA accuses the construction company of mismanaging the project by disregarding the safety of workers on the construction site. The company failed to abide by prescribed safety regulations, and thereby endangered the lives of workers. By securing the massive bridge panels, the death of the young construction worker may have been avoided.

While no amount of money could replace a loved one that is killed in an accident on the job, any financial aid a family receives after facing end-of-life costs may ease the stress of financial difficulties. Fortunately, most construction workers in California are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund. The family may be entitled to benefits from the fund and are entitled to seek assistance in the claims process. In addition to coverage of funeral and burial costs, covered dependents may also receive a portion of the deceased’s wages.

Source:, “Construction company cited by OSHA following worker death“, , June 23, 2014

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