Auto mechanic in critical condition after workplace injury

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Company owners in California who fail to provide safe working environments for their workers and neglect to provide sufficient safety training may indirectly cause workplace accidents. By abiding by the strict safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, they may be able to avoid a workplace injury. Unfortunately, instances do occur where safety regulations are disregarded, and severe injuries may be the result.

An accident that recently occurred in another state is an example of how severe injuries can be suffered in unanticipated circumstances that can occur on any work site. An auto mechanic was reportedly repairing a truck when — in an unexplained manner — the gear engaged and the truck started rolling. Instinctively, the worker attempted to prevent the truck from rolling, but he was pinned against the wall of the workshop. By the time emergency services arrived, co-workers had already freed the injured mechanic, and he was rushed to the hospital.

A family member reported that the heavy weight of the truck caused severe injuries, including several fractured ribs and a fractured vertebra. In addition, one of his lungs had collapsed while the other lung was partially collapsed, and a ruptured small intestine is suspected. At the time of the report, the worker remained in a critical condition and was connected to a ventilator.

California workers who have suffered a workplace injury may be unsure of the procedures to follow in pursuance of damage recovery. The advice of a professional who handles on-the-job injury cases on a daily basis may provide the required information in determining whether a worker is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Such compensation generally covers medical expenses and apportioned wages, while additional compensation may be considered in cases of long-term absences due to work injuries.

Source:, “Dubuque man in critical condition after work accident“, Amie Steffeneicher, Sept. 16, 2014

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