Avoid becoming injured by a chain saw on a construction site

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If you’re a construction worker that uses a chain saw in the course of your work, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with various safety tips below to maintain a safe workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released a number of steps to follow not only when a chain saw is in operation, but also before you start or are attempting to fuel it.

Before you even start a chain saw, OSHA recommends carrying out a general inspection of your unit. This includes checking the tension on its chain, its controls, making sure all handles are functional, and bolts tight. You should also check to make sure that its chain is sharp and gas tank is full.

When starting your saw, you not only want to make sure its brake is fully engaged, but that you start it on the ground or atop some other type of stable foundation. Additionally, to avoid the risk of fire or burn when fueling, gasoline should be kept at least 10-feet from the saw’s ignition or construction site. You should also avoid pumping gas into a unit that is either powered on or hot.

Taking caution to clear away any potentially hazardous debris that may go flying once it comes in contact with the saw is also ideal. In doing this, you should look for nails, rocks, spikes, tree limbs and other objects and move them out of the way before turning on the unit. Additionally, you should be careful to watch for falling objects as you cut. Wearing protective wear to help minimize injury if it does can be helpful as well.

When moving about among rough terrain, you should not only cut the unit off, but engage the unit’s chain brake. Additional safety features that are helpful, if present, include equipping your unit with a protective device intended to reduce kickback produced by the chain saw. While gas chain saws are required to have this added feature, for those that do not, it’s important to avoid sawing with the unit’s tip to minimize the risk of this occurring.

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