Cal-OSHA; Corona Regional Medical Center cited for health issues

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People in Santa Ana, as across California, may understand that workers’ compensation laws may be available for workers who have been injured in a job-related accident. But, occupational illnesses may also provide a basis for a California workers’ comp claim. More workers’ compensation claims may involve injuries—whether suffered in a single sudden accident or through repetitive stress over time. But, occupational diseases are not excluded from workers’ comp protections.

A medical center is facing citations from California work safety officials related to alleged violations of safety rules. The Division of Occupational Safety and Health issued two citations against the Corona Regional Medical Center over allegations that the center did not have complete plans in place to deal with potential airborne diseases, or for situations where dangerous biological agents could be released into the air in the facility. In mid-December, Cal-OSHA issued a separate citation alleging that the medical center failed to properly notify workers of asbestos at the facility.

The hospital says that the asbestos was discovered during a renovation project, according to the Press-Enterprise. The hospital says that it took steps to deal with the issue. A Cal-OSHA official says that workers have been dealing with the asbestos in a blocked-off area of the hospital.

Cal-OSHA citations may be issued based upon allegations of health and workplace safety violations found by investigators. A company may appeal the citation.

It is not clear from a recent report in the Press-Enterprise whether the medical center plans to appeal the citations. However, a company spokesperson says that the hospital is working with state workplace safety officials on the issues and taking steps to protect the public, patients, workers and families of people associated with the medical center.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, “CORONA: Hospital cited for health and safety violations,” Suzanne Hurt, Dec. 20, 2013

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