Cal-OSHA fines California company following work accident

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has issued a series of violations to a well-known company, Tesla Motors. The violations have been considered serious and the company’s fines amount to $89,000. An investigation was launched after three California employees were involved in a work accident which resulted in serious injuries and hospitalization.

The incident occurred last November and involved a low-pressure aluminum casting press failure. Hot metal spilled on the employees, which resulted in them catching on fire. In order to stop the fire, the employees performed the stop, drop and roll technique. The employees suffered second- to third-degree burns and were transported to the hospital for treatment. One of the employees was required to be hospitalized for approximately three weeks following the incident.

Cal-OSHA reportedly discovered that the company’s employees were not trained on machine hazards and were not provided with protective equipment for their eyes and face. In addition, it was discovered that Tesla allowed workers to use machinery with a broken safety interlock. Furthermore, Tesla was found to have failed to make sure the machine was safe to operate.

A work accident can cause serious injuries which can be burdensome to employees and those who depend on them. Employers can face large fines and citations if safety violations are discovered by Cal-OSHA. California employees who were injured on the job may have the right to file workers’ compensation claims against the employers. The civil court system may award damages as deemed appropriate and based on evidence presented.

Source: Inside Bay Area, “Tesla Motors faces $89,000 in fines for incident that injured workers at Fremont facility“, Dana Hull, May 1, 2014

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