California company fined for deadly work accident

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Employees that work in industrial environments are often times subjected to dangerous encounters. A California train line was fined over $200,000 after a deadly work accident that killed two employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stepped in and found that the company was in violation.

According to reports, the incident happened late last year when employees were working on the train’s tracks. One of workers had the task of being the look out. Even so, the workers were still struck by the train and, sadly, died. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation which revealed that neither of the workers were warned that there was a train approaching at a high rate of speed.

It also revealed that a manager was required to give directions to the driver but failed to do so. Since the incident, the train company has made modifications to their policies requiring trains to slow down when track workers are present. The train company was issued fines in the amount of $210,000 for violations.

A work accident is a devastating event for employees to experience, and it is even more devastating for family members of someone killed on the job. It is the duty of California employers and any other employers to ensure a safe work environment, especially while working in potentially hazardous areas. Failure to do so can result in more tragedies occurring in the future. Families of those who have lost their lives in work accidents may have the right to file claims on the deceased’s behalf to help recoup damages.

Source: CBS Sacramento, “BART Fined $210,000 After Worker Deaths In October Accident“, , April 17, 2014

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