California fair ride may expose employees to a work accident

Cal/OSHA recently launched an investigation into Butler Amusements, regarding its operations in California. The company has been fined over $100,000 by Cal/OSHA. Reports suggest that the company was fully aware that cross bracing and key bolts were removed and still facilitated rides anyway, which possibly put employees at risk for a work accident and patrons at risk for injuries.

A tip from an unknown source about safety issues was revealed to Cal/OSHA, which launched an inspection regarding fair rides. At a fair, the rides that were affected by this include the Flying Bobs and the Giant Wheel. It was discovered that the leg flanges on the Giant Wheel were missing 12 bolts and the lower cross bracing for structural support was missing on the Flying Bobs. The company was notified of the findings and put the rides to a halt.

According to a director affiliated with Cal/OSHA, no one was injured, but citations were issued due to the equipment lacking in required safety measures. The company was cited for failure to maintain amusement ride equipment and failure to have appropriate installation of fastenings on rides. Cal/OSHA has categorized this as serious willful violations of safety.

Companies such as amusement parks have the duty to facilitate a safe environment for employees and guests. When the environment is unsafe, workers could be subjected to a serious work accident. California employees who were injured while on the job may have the right to pursue legal action in a civil courtroom. Workers’ compensation claims may be appropriate remedies for financial relief.

Source:, “Cal/OSHA Fines Butler Amusements Over $100,000 For Willful Violations At Big Fresno Fair“, , April 23, 2014

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