California firefighter suffers work-related illness

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In some work environments, employees may be exposed to dangerous encounters. These encounters can lead to serious and permanent injuries to workers. In addition to injuries, workers can also suffer from work-related illnesses as a result of being exposed to high levels of smoke and toxins. A California firefighter has filed for workers’ compensation after she allegedly sustained a work-related illness.

The female firefighter was employed with the department for 12 years, but she was eventually diagnosed as having breast cancer. According to reports, she was subjected to environments with toxic chemicals and other pollutants that resulted in developing breast cancer. She was eventually forced to leave her job and, since then, she has filed for workers’ compensation. However, it is requested that she prove that her condition was caused by the job.

The President of the Board of Supervisors is drafting a law that would presume that firefighters’ illnesses and disabilities were caused from their job. These illnesses can include heart disease and cancer. Under the law, workers would be entitled to receive workers’ compensation as well as early retirement benefits.

A worker who sustains any type of work-related illness may experience ongoing medical issues and elect to file for workers’ compensation benefits to help cover the inevitable expenses. In regard to finances, an employee may be subjected to high medical costs and may not be able to work for some period of time or not at all. In addition to covering expenses, a proposed bill may make it easier for such California workers to receive workers’ compensation and retirement benefits.

Source:, S.F. firefighter’s new battle: proving cancer is job-related, Marisa Lagos, March 25, 2014

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