California industrial accidents spark investigations

Construction workers are predisposed to dangers by simply showing up for work. Several construction sites were the subject of investigation by Cal/OSHA in the recent weeks. The inspections started after multiple industrial accidents occurred over a period of just four days. One of the main goals for the inspections were to make sure the employers had thorough safety programs in place.

The director of the California Department of Industrial Relations stated that the companies should have adequate safety programs and employees should be trained appropriately. In the recent weeks, four employees died at different work sites in just a few days of each other. One of the employees was a construction worker who died after a bridge collapsed. Another employee died from head injuries after falling from a wall.

In other incidents, a San Diego employee died when a column fell on top of him while another employee died after he fell from a building. The goal of Cal/OSHA is to increase awareness for those who work in the construction field regarding the types of dangers that can be fixed. In the near future, a Federal OSHA Safety Stand-Down is set to take place in which inspectors will check fall protection equipment.

Industrial accidents can often take place in the fields of construction work. These accidents can cause serious injuries and also fatalities. With this in mind, employers are required to facilitate a safe environment for their employers to work. California employees who were injured at the workplace may have the right to file workers’ compensation claims against their employer. Surviving family members may have similar rights under our laws.

Source:, “After Four Deaths, Cal/OSHA Launches Construction Inspection Blitz“, , May 28, 2014

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