California real estate company fined for work accident

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A worker was killed while on a construction job back in 2013. A California real estate investment company, Three Frogs, received a large amount in citations from OSHA due to the deadly work accident. The company was fined over $90,000.

The employee was in the midst of assisting in the removal of a tree from the company’s property. Reportedly, the employee was hit by the tree, which ultimately led to his death. OSHA stepped in for an investigation following the incident. The investigation revealed that Three Frogs did not provide an experienced tree professional to direct trimming of trees over a certain height. The investigation also revealed that none of the workers were provided with a fall protection harness or eye protection.

Furthermore, none of the employees were trained on how to use the equipment to reach the tree. Three Frogs received 13 citations, and 8 of them were considered serious workplace safety violations. This happens when OSHA determines that there is a strong possibility of serious harm or death. Sometime after the incident, the company was forced to stop its business after it was discovered that it did not offer workers’ compensation.

Employees who work in the construction industry can be at risk for hazards. It is vital for employers to conduct proper training and facilitate a safe environment to prevent a work accident. Families of employees who were killed on the job may have the right to file workers’ compensation claims on behalf of the deceased. A successful claim in California may result in a plaintiff being awarded compensation.

Source:, “Cal/OSHA Fines Real Estate Company Over $91,000 Following Tree-Trimming Fatality“, , April 15, 2014

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