Carbon monoxide exposure leads to 2 industrial accidents

Working in areas where high levels of gas are present could be fatal. Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their workers, and this includes monitoring the levels of poisonous gasses. Workers who are expected to work in areas where such gases could pose a threat should be supplied with protective gas masks to avoid industrial accidents.

California employers and employees may want to learn about two deaths that occurred in less than 24 hours in another state. This may serve as a reminder of the dangers that are associated with high levels of gas in confined spaces where ventilation is insufficient. A worker of a fish hatchery was found dead in a chamber that was15 feet below ground level, where he was repairing the pump system. It is suspected that he was overwhelmed by carbon monoxide fumes as the levels recorded upon testing showed mores than five times the allowed limit.

Less than 24 hours later, a worker who was operating mechanical equipment in a confined space at a construction site was overcome by carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide levels tested almost triple the safe limit. He is being treated at a San Antonio hospital. Both incidents are being investigated, and a fire marshal noted that carbon monoxide is an odorless gas than cannot be seen. It is known as a silent killer, and both workers and employers must be aware of the potential dangers.

Workers in California who have suffered injuries in industrial accidents — or families of workers who died in such accidents — may need financial assistance to cover medical and/or end-of-life expenses. Most California workers are eligible to claim benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Benefits usually cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages for injured workers, while the families who lost loved ones may receive compensation for funeral and burial costs, along with additional financial aid for any covered dependents.

Source:, “Man killed, another seriously injured after industrial accident“, , July 30, 2014

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