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Workers' compensation: What kind of benefits can I receive?

A serious workplace injury is not an easy situation for the average California resident to manage. For one thing, the worker will be suffering from the pain and discomfort of the injury and he or she will be struggling to get better, get appropriate medical care and to gather enough funds to pay for the medical care. Secondly, the worker might not be able to continue working while injured, and this will significantly eradicate his or her income levels at a time when he or she needs a healthy income the most.

5 workers hurt at a high speed rail construction site near Fresno

A serious accident happened at a massive high speed train construction project north of Fresno late last month. The incident left five workers injured after a tower fell over. Two of the workers needed hospital care for their injuries. The California Highway Patrol said that the workers' injuries were moderate and the worst of them may have involved a back fracture.

Did your husband die in a construction accident?

Imagine your husband has spent the last 20 years going to his job at California construction sites -- day in and day out. He has never suffered a serious injury, not even a scratch. As a painter, the risks of his job are minimal, but at his last construction job, he complained of unusual working conditions that worried you.

Frequently asked questions about construction accidents

If you've suffered a serious injury in a construction accident, you'll want to know what you can do to get money to pay for your doctors' bills. You'll probably have a lot more questions about your legal rights and options as a construction accident victim.

The unshocking truth: How to prevent electrocution

Most construction workers find themselves at risk of electrocution at some point in their jobs. Even if you don't work with electrical wires you could be at risk of electrocution if you use power tools -- especially while performing your job duties outdoors.

Belt and disk sander safety advice for construction workers

Virtually every piece of machinery you use at a construction site comes with risks that could cause you to suffer an injury. Belt and disk sanders are no different. Some of the most common complaints related to these devices involve serious skin burns.

What if my loved one dies on the job?

If you're like most American households, you wouldn't be able to pay for your home and all your other expenses with just one income alone. As such, both you and your husband or wife need to work full-time jobs or you would fall into a very difficult financial situation.

Common examples of construction accidents

At Leviton Diaz & Ginocchio Inc., we represent injured workers in their workers' compensation claims to help them receive the just compensation and benefits they deserve. In carrying out these efforts over the years, we have helped victims of a wide variety of on-the-job accidents.

56-year-old California construction worker dies in accident

No two jobs in California are the same. Each comes with unique responsibilities, but more importantly, each comes with its own share of risks. Even an office job can be dangerous in some respects, but few jobs compare to the perils associated with working at a construction site. There are too many variables, too many climbs up onto ladders and scaffolding and too many power tools and pieces of heavy machinery for a hard hat-wearing worker to ever be completely safe from the threat of a fatal accident.

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