Construction worker injured in fall at Steven Tyler’s home

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There can be little dispute that the construction industry can expose workers to a wide variety of hazards, and the risk of a workplace injury. Injuries from falls are, unfortunately, all too common in construction. A worker need not be working on a major skyscraper project to suffer significant injuries in a fall accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration notes that scaffold accidents can expose workers to serious injury. The workplace safety agency says that accidents involving scaffolding can involve several main issues–including planking or support giving way or a worker slipping while working on a scaffold, leading to a fall. Workers may also be struck by a falling object in a scaffolding accident.

A recent scaffold accident was reported in the Hollywood Hills. A worker fell from scaffolding while working on a construction project at the home of Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler. It is not clear what led to the construction site accident. But news reports indicate that the worker suffered serious injuries in the fall.

The Los Angeles Fire Department brought in a helicopter during a rescue operation last Thursday. The construction worker reportedly fell about fifteen feet initially, according to CBS Los Angeles, However, the four to five story home in the Hollywood Hills reportedly is built on the hillside. The worker tumbled down the steep hillside and was unable to move. Fire rescue workers used a chopper to hoist the injured construction worker from the scene of the accident. He reportedly was airlifted to an area hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Construction Worker Seriously Hurt In 15-Foot Fall At Steven Tyler’s House,” May 9, 2013; Daily Mail, “Construction worker suffers serious injuries in fall from roof of Steven Tyler’s five-storey Hollywood Hills home,” Heidi Smart, May 9, 2013

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