Examples of common workplace accidents

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Some Santa Ana jobs are clearly more dangerous than others. For example, you might be a construction worker who regularly scales great heights in unfinished buildings. You might be a machine shop laborer who is constantly in danger of getting his hands caught up in the machinery. Alternatively, you might be an accountant who operates a computer most the day and is comparatively safer, but an accountant can also get hurt on the job.

At Leviton Diaz & Ginocchio, Inc., we regularly represent injured Santa Ana workers to assist them in getting workers’ compensation benefits. Our clients have gotten injured in all manner of ways. Here are few examples of common workplace accidents:

— Electrical accidents: At construction sites, it’s very easy to break through a wall into an electrical line. Also, with all kinds of machinery plugged in — and sometimes working outdoors — electrocutions happen frequently. Associated injuries can be catastrophic and fatal.

— Falling debris: There’s a reason why construction workers are affectionately called “hardhats.” The law requires them to wear these plastic helmets to prevent them getting hurt by falling debris. Before hardhat standards were implemented, getting hit and killed by a falling object was common.

— Forklift accidents: The problem with forklifts is that workers usually operate them indoors where other workers are moving around on foot. It’s so easy to accidentally strike a pedestrian with one of these heavy pieces of machinery. The results are horrendous and tragic.

These are just a few examples of workplace injuries that we’ve seen at our Santa Ana law offices. Don’t forget about the dutiful accountant, either. There is a host of work-related injuries an accountant can suffer — like carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back problems, slip-and-falls and other unexpected injuries. If you were hurt at work, remember that you can file a workers’ compensation claim to pay for the medical benefits you need.

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