Fall into dam cause workplace injury to construction worker

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A California construction worker had to be rescued after falling into a dam that was 40 feet deep. The workplace accident reportedly happened in Yolo County on a recent Tuesday at the site of a water intake project on the Sacramento River. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will reportedly be advised of the incident, and an investigation will determine whether any violations of safety regulations contributed to the workplace injury.

Rescue workers were called to the work site at which a worker had to be lifted from the water of a coffer dam. Firefighters say the coffer dam blocks off water to allow work to be done below the water line. It is suspected that the man was struck by an object that fell from higher up the work area.

Although not confirmed yet, it was said that the worker was struck by a piece of scaffolding that was apparently dislodged when the control line of one of the overhead cranes caught on the scaffolding structure. A crane was reportedly used to lift the worker from the water. He was transported to a hospital in a stable condition.

After suffering a workplace injury, a California worker is entitled to pursue compensation by claiming workers’ compensation benefits. This is a no-fault insurance system that provides compensation to injured workers regardless of who was at fault. Injured victims typically receive compensation to cover medical expenses, and when workplace injuries cause absence from work, a financial package for lost wages will be included in the compensation. It is not uncommon for victims of workplace accidents to utilize the services of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to guide them through proceedings.

Source: FOX 40, “Construction Worker Rescued Outside Woodland“, Lonnie Wong, July 21, 2015

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