Falling objects are a common source of construction injuries

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Construction workers face a number of serious hazards at their work. From large equipment and machinery to falls and scaffolding failures, there are a large number of ways to sustain very serious injuries. One of the most common sources of construction site injuries is actually falling objects. It is unfortunately common for machinery, supplies or building materials to come loose and fall. These objects can either strike a worker, causing traumatic damage, or destabilize a work site, leading to a serious fall or machinery issue. There are preventative steps that can reduce the risk of falling objects.

After a construction accident involving a falling object, many times injured workers wonder if the accident could have been prevented. Often, the answer is yes. It is far too common for employers or even other workers to take short cuts to speed up certain processes. Most times, these shortcuts just save a little time, but sometimes, they go catastrophically wrong.

Employers can avoid most falling object issues

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that employers take certain steps to prevent these kinds of falling object accidents. Employers should be taking precautions to limit the potential for falling objects. Employers should also provide safety gear or equipment for workers in an environment where falling objects are possible to limit their potential for serious injuries. Failure to do both of these things could result in increased liability when a falling object accident causes a worker injury. Many times, these accidents cause brain injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries or even death.

Workers who suffered falling object accidents may be out of work for extended periods of time. In severe cases, they may be unable to return to their previous line of work. The more severe the injuries are, the more important it is for the worker to report the accident and file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. Many times, the process of obtaining benefits can be complex and drawn out in cases of permanent disability. Working with an attorney who understands workers’ compensation can improve your chances of getting the maximum benefits you deserve after a serious falling object injury.

An attorney can help in variety of ways

If your employer violated safety regulations, you could be offered a settlement after your injury. An attorney can help you review the settlement offer to ensure it is fair, given the severity of your injuries. You can appeal if your claim for workers’ compensation is denied for any reason or file a civil lawsuit against an employer who violated worker safety laws.

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