Father dies, son injured in a forklift accident on the job

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Working on mechanized equipment, such as a forklift, always poses potential personal injury hazards. The recent death of a worker in another state underscores the need for California employers to provide workers with safe environments and equipment that is in proper working order. In addition, employers are responsible for appropriate safety training of all their workers. Failure to abide by strict safety regulations may result in an accident on the job.

A forklift operator who is described as having been a mainstay in his community was working as a contractor when the accident occurred. The business owner said that the equipment appeared to have malfunctioned and caused the man, along with the man’s son (a coworker), to fall between 15 and 16 feet. Both workers suffered severe injuries, but the man’s 15-year-old grandson, who was also on the site, was not injured.

The father and son were transported to different medical centers, but the father passed away after being admitted. His son’s condition is reported to remain serious. OSHA and the office of the county sheriff are investigating the accident.

While mourning the death of a loved one after an accident on the job, a family may also have to cope with the costs of a funeral and burial. In addition, the loss of the worker’s future earning may bring about financial difficulties. The aim of the workers’ compensation insurance fund in California is to provide financial relief to workers who suffered work related injuries, and to families who have lost loved ones in such accidents. Receiving benefits after making appropriate claims from the fund will not reduce the trauma but may assist in covering expenses resulting from the tragic accident.

Source: wbbjtv.com, “Man dies after forklift accident, son in critical condition“, Dan Lampariello, June 19, 2014

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