Frequently asked questions about construction accidents

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in a construction accident, you’ll want to know what you can do to get money to pay for your doctors’ bills. You’ll probably have a lot more questions about your legal rights and options as a construction accident victim.

As such, consider reading the following questions, which could help you while you’re healing.

How can I prevent more accidents like this from happening?

If you were hurt at work due to dangerous workplace conditions. You’ll probably want to make sure none of your coworkers suffer from a similar event. Here are the steps you should take. First, Notify your supervisor of the danger and follow up in writing. Second, file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) if your supervisor doesn’t correct the problem.

Can I recover more than my workers’ compensation benefits?

Your employer may be protected from liability if you file additional lawsuits. However, third parties could be liable for your injury if they were responsible for the dangers that led to the accident that hurt you. As such it may — in some cases — be possible to pursue additional injury claims against third parties.

Is the property owner liable for my injuries too?

In premises liability law, property owners are commonly liable for accidents that happen on their properties. However, a construction site may be different — and the viability of such a claim would depend on the level of oversight the property owner held over the project. It could be the contractor and/or various construction companies at the jobsite that had the responsibility to keep the premises safe.

Be sure to ask your boss, workers’ compensation lawyers and others who are “in the know” as many questions about your injuries as you can. Also, ask about strategies to pay for your medical care and time spent unable to work.

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