Is your construction job on the “most dangerous” list?

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Any field in the construction industry has its hazards. Some workers, such as roofers, have a higher risk of falling from a dangerous height. Electricians face the possibility of electrocution on a regular basis. Excavators might find themselves under constant threat of a trench collapse. Since a construction accident might be waiting around any corner, many employers have to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

In the construction industry, there are certain professions that are more dangerous than others. Is your Santa Ana construction job on the “most dangerous” list?

Handling power tools

If you work with power tools on a regular basis, you might be in danger of an accident. When people work with the same equipment repetitiously, the actions often become second nature. Unfortunately, this leads to people losing focus and, as a result, suffering an injury. For example, if you work with a power saw and lose focus, you could also lose a finger or a hand.

Working with heavy equipment

Heavy equipment operators must have special and extensive training to safely handle the machinery. For example, you would not want to put someone with no experience at the controls of a crane. However, even an individual with years of experience might suffer an injury if things go wrong.

Sewer and duct workers

Sewer and duct construction often requires you to work in a tight space. Without proper ventilation or emergency exit routes, the men and women working in these areas are at risk of a fatal workplace accident.


Due to its unpredictability, demolition is one of the most dangerous jobs in the industry. With appropriate planning and by closely following safety protocols, you can reduce your risk of a catastrophic accident.

High rise jobs

If you specialize in high rise construction, you probably already know that you run a greater chance of falling than other crews. To stay safe while working at dangerous heights, be sure that your safety equipment functions properly and that you use it correctly.

If your construction job involves one of the above activities, you could be at high risk of a workplace injury. Fortunately, you might be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

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