Janitor crushed in baler accident at Redwood City store

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A sergeant with the Redwood City Police believes that a janitor may have leaned in a cardboard baler at the store where he worked before a tragic fatal accident occurred. Details about what happened, however, remain sketchy as officials continue to investigate the fatal workplace accident.

Emergency crews were called to a Grocery Outlet store in Redwood City, California Friday night after a co-worker found the janitor inside an industrial cardboard compacting machine. Authorities say that the 43-year-old man was crushed by the machine—firefighters pronounced the accident victim dead at the scene. Officials say that no foul play is suspected in the fatal accident.

Balers and compacters are used widely in many different industries to condense waste and recycling materials. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says that it is difficult to track how many workers are injured or killed in baler or compactor accidents due to the widespread use of the devices across many industries.

The story highlights how industrial equipment in many industries can pose the risk of harm for workers. Industrial accidents can arise in just about any workplace setting, leading to serious injury and even death.

While some industries, such as the construction industry, are known for their risks, workers in any walk of life may suffer harm in a workplace accident.

Industrial accidents causing injury or death can involve heartrending facts for any reader. But, for victims of an injury accident, and for the families of a victim of a fatal accident, the incident is profound.

Source: Palo Alto Daily News, “Janitor crushed to death by garbage compactor inside Grocery Outlet in Redwood City,” Bonnie Eslinger, July 13, 2013

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