Keep your hands safe with the right gloves at work

Depending on the type of job you perform, your hands could be exposed to a lot of dangers on the job. As such, you will want to know what kinds of gloves to use and when. Fortunately, the following gloves are available for just about every kind of workplace hazard you might encounter:

Kevlar: These gloves are resistant to cuts and abrasions while resisting cold and heat.

Liquid and chemical resistant: These gloves come in different varieties to resist different types of liquids and chemicals.

Butyl rubber: These gloves are made for dealing with sulfuric acid, nitric acid, peroxide and hydrochloric acid.

Natural rubber or latex: These gloves protect against acids, ketones, water solutions, salts and alkalis.

Neoprene: These gloves are great for working with gasoline, hydraulic fluid, organic acids and alcohol.

Nitrile rubber: These gloves are made especially for chlorinated solvents.

Coated fabric: These gloves offer protection from mildly concentrated chemicals. Laboratory workers might use them when handling different types of chemicals.

Cotton and fabric: These gloves are useful when the hands make contact with abrasive substances, but they’re probably not durable enough to withstand sharp and/or rough substances.

Plastic, rubber and synthetic: These gloves are useful around chemicals, solvents and oils.

Leather: Workers might use these gloves while welding or to prevent the risk of abrasion.

Aluminized: If you’re using a furnace, welding or doing foundry work you’ll want the insulation provided by these gloves.

You can avoid countless workplace injuries by choosing the right glove for the job. However, even if you make a mistake in glove choice and it results in a serious injury at your job, it’s likely that you can pursue workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your medical care and time spent unable to work.

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