Landscaper suffers workplace injury when crushed between trucks

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California workers in all industries have to be observant of dangerous conditions at all times. Workers’ injuries are not restricted to industries such as construction work and industrial plants, and company owners are responsible for preventing on-the-job accidents by addressing known hazards. An employee of a company that does landscaping suffered a severe workplace injury in the driveway of a residential home in Santa Rosa on a recent Tuesday morning.

It was reported that the worker was critically injured when a heavy vehicle that was backing up crushed him against another truck. The trucks were apparently separated, and the injured man was moved to lie on the ground. This was where fire fighters who responded to the call found the injured worker who was clearly in a great deal of pain. After paramedics had stabilized the worker’s condition, he was transported to a hospital.

Not realizing that this was a workplace accident, the California Highway Patrol came to the scene. However, the case was handed over to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration later. An OSHA investigation may follow to determine whether any safety regulations were violated.

According to the media report, a worker was knocked down by a pickup truck he worked on in another workplace injury incident that occurred in Annapolis just days prior to this one. The truck apparently ran over his legs, causing severe injuries. Fortunately, most California workers are entitled to pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost income. Regardless of who was at fault, workers may pursue benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund.

Source:, “Landscape worker crushed by trucks, injured in Santa“, Randi Rossmann, April 21, 2015

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