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When California families lose a loved one as the result of a workplace accident, they will naturally be overwhelmed by the prospect of living life without the company and support of that person. In addition, they will experience the uncertainty and anxiety of having to cope without the loved one’s financial contributions to the household and sole care of the children. In many cases, a worker who died in an accident on the job may have been a family’s only source of income.

Fortunately, most California workers are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund, whose aim is to provide surviving family members with financial aid by providing survivor benefits. While no amount of money can replace a loved one, such compensation may provide some level of relief during trying times. However, the claiming procedures after a fatal work accident may prove complicated, and many surviving family members choose to utilize the services of Leviton Diaz & Ginocchio, Inc.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in obtaining fair compensation for grieving families who lost loved ones in work-related accidents. Every case is handled with the empathy it deserves, along with commitment and compassion. By allowing us to navigate the complex procedures to obtain prompt compensation, surviving families will be able to work through the grieving process and adjust to life without their loved one.

When a worker has lost his or her life in an accident on the job, the California workers’ compensation survivor benefits usually provides compensation to cover funeral and burial expenses. In addition, a financial package, based on the deceased worker’s last level of earnings, will be paid to the surviving spouse and other dependents. Our fatal work accident website may provide answers to questions families may have about how our attorneys can help them through this difficult time.

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