Proper training is vital when using heavy equipment

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The heavy equipment used in construction areas pose risks to workers and anyone else who happens to venture into the zone. The operators of this equipment must be vigilant about following safety procedures. Failing to follow safety procedures, including failing to inspect the equipment as required before each use.

If you are a construction worker who has suffered injuries because of equipment, such as a scissor lift, you might decide that you are going to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. The manner in which you do this depends on the cause of the accident. If the equipment malfunctioned, you would wage a product liability claim against the equipment manufacturer. If the cause of the accident was due to something else, chances are good that you would need to file a workers’ compensation claim to seek benefits.

We know that you might have some questions about which option is appropriate. We can help you to determine this. One thing that we will do is look into the cause of the accident. Maybe the company you work for doesn’t properly train employees on how to use equipment. For example, workers might not know that the scissor lift must be properly balanced before it is used.

No matter what type of claim you need to file, we can help you assert your right to receive compensation for your injury. In the case of workers’ compensation, we can assist you with the initial filing and with any appeals that are necessary. These might include appeals based on a wage replacement that is too low or failing to include all medical care in the benefits.

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