Reasons why workers’ compensation claims get denied

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California workers go to the office every day and diligently do their jobs to earn an honest living. Insurance companies, on the other hand — while they have a lot of honest workers — also strategize how they can pay out the least amount of money. This can sometimes get injured workers who file a claim into trouble, if they try to file a claim for compensation and the insurance company identifies a reason why they shouldn’t have to pay.

Here are typical reasons why workers’ compensation claims get denied:

— The injury was not reported quickly enough: Workers need to quickly report their injuries to their employers. Failing to do so cold render their workers’ compensation claims invalid.

— The claim wasn’t filed quickly enough: The workers’ compensation claim also has time limitations on it from the date the initial report was filed with the employer.

— The employer disputed the claim: Sometimes the injured worker’s employer will try to say that the accident or injuries are non-work-related or happened outside of work.

– The injury can’t be compensated: Some injuries, like those caused by stress, might be a little harder to prove. If the insurance company thinks it can counter your claims, you might have to fight for the compensation in court.

The state of California has liberal workers’ compensation laws that protect workers who are hurt on the job, but sometimes insurance companies will do everything they can not to pay you. If you’re in this situation, a workers’ compensation benefits lawyer can evaluate your injuries and how they developed to identify the best legal strategies to pursue the benefits you need.

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