So Cal Edison worker electrocuted in Menifee blast

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One electrical worker was killed and three other Southern California Edison workers sustained injuries in an industrial accident last week. Veteran workers can face serious injuries, and even death, in a work-related accident. The recent industrial accident reportedly occurred during routine maintenance, and a veteran lineman was killed in the work-related accident.

An underground electrical explosion and fire erupted at a worksite in Menifee, California April 25. A 38-year-old worker was severely injured by a high-voltage line in the underground vault. When deputies arrived at the scene of the industrial accident, co-workers of the 38-year-old distribution lineman were trying to give the accident victim assistance. But, the co-workers and emergency responders were not able to save the accident victim.

The man had worked for roughly 11-years as a distribution lineman. The worker was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities say that the Southern California Edison lineman was electrocuted in the accident. Three other workers sustained injuries from the electrical explosion and ensuing fire. Officials characterize the injuries sustained by the three workers as minor–including smoke inhalation. The three survivors of the work-related accident were taken to an area hospital for treatment. Each of the survivors reportedly was released from the hospital the same day.

A spokesperson for the utility says the workers were performing routine maintenance on lines and equipment in an underground vault that is associated with power lines that feed a desalination plant. So Cal Edison says that officials do not know what caused the industrial accident, which remains under investigation.

The industrial accident occurred on the same day that nearly 22,000 people in Menifee, California lost power. The utility company says that the power outage and the industrial accident were not related.

Most Californians know that workers’ compensation benefits are available for workers injured on the job. However, the program also provides benefits for specified family members of the victim of a fatal workplace accident. The important benefits are not some kind of windfall for those left behind, but are often important for families during a very difficult time.


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