Tree-trimmer using a chainsaw suffers seroius on-the-job injury

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Some jobs are inherently dangerous, such as jobs in the manufacturing, construction and tree-trimming industry. This is because the use of potentially dangerous equipment and machinery is a staple of the job. Employees in these roles in California usually are taught the importance of exercising caution in their daily tasks, but freak accidents do happen sometimes. This is the scenario that one man is facing following an unanticipated on-the-job injury situation in another state.

The 21-year-old tree trimmer was working in a tree at the time of the incident. He was using a chainsaw while in a harness. However, he suddenly lost control of it.

The chainsaw ended up getting partially stuck in his neck and shoulder. The man, who never lost consciousness, was able to turn the chainsaw off and then descend the tree. A doctor at the scene of the accident stabilized him. An X-ray clearly showed that the blade of the saw was embedded in his neck.

Work accidents happen unexpectedly, and many people simply aren’t prepared to cover the financial losses associated with these types of incidents. For instance, someone who suffers an on-the-job injury typically requires medical care and also may lose wages for an extended period of time while they recover from any injuries. This is why workers’ compensation insurance exists — to make a worker’s financial situation easier following a workplace injury. Obtaining all workers’ compensation insurance benefits is possible if he or she has a thorough understanding of laws related to this type of state-regulated insurance coverage in California.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “X-Ray Released Of Tree Trimmer With Chainsaw Embedded Into His Neck“, Lynne Hayes-Freeland, April 1, 2014

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