Truck driver found pinned under rig in California industrial accident

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A freak accident in California claimed the life of a truck driver Wednesday. At least authorities believe a freak accident may have been involved. But to tell the truth, at this point, investigators remain baffled about what occurred in the fatal work-related accident.

The accident investigation began as an investigation into a possible grass fire in West Sacramento. Firefighters arrived to find a semi tractor running with its wheels spinning in the dirt. Apparently, there was no fire–just a dust cloud from the spinning tires. Upon closer inspection, emergency responders found a man pinned under the tractor. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Initial assumptions led authorities to believe that the truck may have run off the road, crashing into a yard and striking a bystander. But as the investigation unfolded, the accident victim was an employee of a trucking firm and the tractor was assigned to the employee. Police say that nobody else was present at the scene of the accident.

Police are trying to determine what may have led to the fatal accident. It does not appear that any witnesses were around to provide investigators with clues. Investigations in work-related accidents serve many vital purposes, including providing information to increase safety for the future. But the most important aspect of delving into the circumstances following a fatal work-related accident is the idea of providing family members of the victim with information that can help lead to some form of closure.

Fatal accidents are the most tragic of all workplace incidents, and families can be devastated by the loss of a loved one. People may not know where to turn during the emotional time. The advice of legal counsel may not seem like a top of mind idea at such a time, but for many families, seeking benefits at an earlier time can help families during the difficult time.


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