Were you hurt in your airline job?

If you work for an airline, you know that your job comes with various stresses and dangers that are entirely unique to the job. If you get hurt as a result of job conditions as an airline employee, rest assured that California’s workers’ compensation laws have you covered. You can pursue financial compensation to pay for your medical care and time spent unable to work.

Did one of these airline employee injury scenarios happen to you?

  • Flight attendants are lifting heavy objects all day and they are walking around in airplanes that are subjected to turbulence and other destabilizing forces. As such, back injuries and other injuries are common from falls. Shoulder, neck and back complaints could also develop as a result of constantly lifting heavy luggage.
  • Baggage handlers are also doing a lot of heavy lifting every day on the job. This can result in knee, neck, shoulder and back complaints. After putting bags on conveyer belts day in and day out, this job can really take its toll on the body.
  • Ground service employees who maintain airplanes and perform other equipment maintenance tasks also subject themselves to a lot of risks. There are many moving parts and vehicles in and around the work areas of these jack-of-all-trades employees and numerous opportunities to get hurt in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Runway workers who are often fueling planes with dangerous jet fuel are at risk of getting hearing damage and also may suffer from neck and back complaints.
  • Finally, you can’t forget office workers. Although working in an office seems relatively safe, the sedentary work can result in numerous back and neck problems. Carpal tunnel syndrome could also develop from using a keyboard all day.

If you got hurt at an airline job, don’t hesitate to file a worker’s compensation claim. The California workers’ compensation program exists to protect you and your family financially in the event that you’re too hurt to work, while also assisting in getting the medical care you require to heal.

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