What if my loved one dies on the job?

If you’re like most American households, you wouldn’t be able to pay for your home and all your other expenses with just one income alone. As such, both you and your husband or wife need to work full-time jobs or you would fall into a very difficult financial situation.

However, what if your spouse’s job is a dangerous one? If he or she gets seriously injured at work, what will happen to your family if your spouse can’t work due to injuries, or worse, what if your spouse is killed?

Fortunately, when a worker is seriously injured or killed as a result of his or her job duties, the California workers’ compensation system will be available to help. Virtually every California employee is covered by workers’ compensation benefits. As such, if your spouse gets hurt and needs to spend several months recovering, he or she may qualify to receive wage replacement benefits. Also, if your spouse is killed, you and your family can apply to receive death benefits.

Workers’ compensation wage replacement benefits and death benefits will provide an income to your family that will assist you to get through the difficult time following a tragic workplace accident. Although these benefits will probably not match the amount of income your spouse formerly earned, they will not be taxable and — after accounting for the tax savings — your income level will probably be close to what your family formerly received.

Do you want to know more about your legal right to pursue wage replacement benefits or death benefits after a catastrophic workplace accident? A Santa Ana workers’ compensation lawyer can review the facts relating to your situation to offer guidance and help in pursuing the benefits you deserve.

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