What should railroad workers do after a workplace injury?

Railroad workers receive a special kind of protection in the event of a work-related injury. These employees are protected under the Federal Employers Liability Act, which is also known as FELA. However, in order to protect their rights to receive compensation after a workplace injury, railroad workers need take several important and necessary steps.

The first thing railroad workers need to do is to file a workplace injury report with their supervisors. This involves giving information regarding the injuries and the causes and factors that led to them. It’s important to file this document as accurately as possible because it will be used later in your claim process to evaluate the extent and nature of benefits you can receive.

Next, you’ll need to get medical treatment and any ongoing medical care that’s required to heal. When working with your doctor, be as up front and honest about your injuries as possible. Notify your doctor of any pain that you’re experiencing because of your accident. Keep your medical records, documents and other bills close at hand so you can refer or use them to support your claims at a later time.

Next, write down the story of your injury — and how it happened — for your own records. If you hire a lawyer, you’ll want to give him or her this information. Be sure to mention how your work injury has negatively impacted your personal and professional life. In addition, be sure to make a note of all the time you’ve missed from work as a result of your injuries.

With FELA protection, a workplace injury doesn’t have to be so devastating financially for railroad workers. You may be able to get compensation to pay for your medical care and time spent unable to work.

Source: FindLaw, “FELA Claims: What to Do If You are Injured,” accessed Dec. 01, 2017

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