What types of workplace safety hazards lead to accidents?

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What types of safety hazards can exist in the workplace? Too often, workplace accidents in California could have been prevented with a few simple steps. If you and your employer are more aware of the types of potential accidents, you can keep everyone safe from industrial accidents or an unsafe working environment.

Can we get an example of some of the most common physical safety hazards? Yes! Those most common safety situations include spills or unsafe conditions on the ground that lead to slips, trips or falls. Falls from ground level and from a height – such as from a ladder or step – are some of the most common industrial accidents, according to safety experts. Additional hazards may also include failure to install guards or other equipment that lead to negligent operating of machinery. Confined spaces, including those that cause trench collapse, can also be blamed for many workplace accidents.

Are there other, more specialized hazards? You bet. These are particularly relevant for people who work in healthcare – blood and other body fluids pose specific dangers for employees in related industries. Biological hazards can also include those posed by animal attacks, plants, bacteria and viruses and other natural sources. These may be more common than you imagine – just think of the postal worker who suffers an on-the-job injury because of a dog bite!

What can I do if I’ve been harmed at work? A work accident does not have to end your career. In fact, workers’ compensation can help you get back to work quicker after an accident on the job. If you need help navigating the legal system with regards to workers’ compensation, you may benefit from the input of a qualified team of legal professionals.

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