Worker crushed in Fulton Mall moving accident under recovery

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When details about an accident surface in the media, the reports are usually generated shortly after the incident. A news account may detail what investigators believe occurred based upon preliminary findings. These preliminary reports may or may not be very complete, and details can often be sketchy.

Often a media account will indicate something about the nature of the injuries accident victims may have suffered. This is often true after a California construction site accident, or any other type of workplace injury that makes the news. But for the victim of a workplace accident, there may be many tales to tell about what follows the accident.

Injured workers may often need extensive medical care and rehabilitation after an accident. A work-related injury can take a person off the clock for an extended period of time. The recent story out of Fresno highlights what may occur after an accident on the job.

Two weeks ago, an accident at the Fulton Mall left a mover with serious injuries. The man works as a mover and was injured when a 1,200 pound safe tipped. The heavy object landed on the man in the moving accident. The worker’s legs were crushed.

The man continues to recover from his work-related injury. He has already had extensive medical attention—he has needed five surgical procedures on one leg, and two on his other. He is not done with surgery. But he is recovering and doctors believe that he may be released from the hospital in about a month. He will need to learn to walk again; he is expected to go to a rehab facility after being released from the hospital.

Source: CBS 47, “Injured mover speaks out from hospital bed,” Rachel Azevedo, Aug. 20, 2013

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