Worker killed in Tulare in tractor accident at World Ag Expo site

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Major events, such as industrial conventions or trade shows, can have chaotic scenes as exhibitors work to prepare for the event. During such chaos, worker safety can become an issue. It does not necessarily require a chaotic environment to create the risk of an accident. But, as many different crews work feverishly to prepare for an event, equipment may be moved in relatively confined spaces.

A man who worked for an outside contractor that was hired by exhibitors to perform pressure washing services at the World Ag Expo in Tulare was killed in an accident over the weekend. Authorities say that the man was killed in a tractor accident Saturday afternoon as exhibitors were setting up for the event, which is scheduled to open Tuesday.

Few details are known about what went wrong in causing the tragic accident. Authorities believe that the man was riding on a tractor and fell off. The tractor was pulling a trailer in the middle of the grounds where the expo will take place this week. The tractor either struck something or possibly took an abrupt turn causing the man to fall from the tractor, according to preliminary reports. The man fell and was run over. He was found underneath the trailer.

Witnesses to the accident jumped into action, hoping to rescue the man. Authorities say that people on the scene lifted the trailer off of the accident victim using forklifts. The man was pronounced dead after emergency responders arrived at the scene.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is conducting an investigation into the fatal industrial accident.

Saturday’s accident is related to an industrial accident in the set up for an agriculture industry trade show. Tractors accidents can cause severe and fatal injuries in any type of setting. In the Ag industry, accidents involving overturned tractors are the leading cause of fatalities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

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