Worker recuperating after workplace injury suffered in grain bin

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California readers of this blog may want to share in the joy of a worker who was saved from sure death when he was trapped in a grain bin. The media report does not mention why the man was in the grain bin, but such dangerous circumstances should certainly be avoided. It is the duty of company owners to ensure the safety of their workers and avoid incidents of workplace injury. They are expected to follow the strict safety regulations that are prescribed by OSHA. All mechanical equipment should be inspected at regular intervals, and workers should not be expected to work in conditions where they are exposed to the working parts of such equipment.

It was reported that a worker’s foot became trapped in the auger of a grain bin. The man could not extricate himself and was exposed to the threat of more grain being dumped onto him and the auger pulling him in even deeper. When rescue workers arrived, the grain had reached the man’s thighs, and officials said that the pressure of the grain on the lungs, once it reaches chest height, could suffocate the victim.

Emergency workers reportedly spent almost five hours on the rescue. The worker was harnessed, and a tubed was placed placed over him to protect him from more grain causing extra pressure. Multiple parties took part in the rescue operation, and the worker was airlifted to the trauma center of a hospital where he is currently recuperating.

Workers in California may experience constant concern about the welfare of their families in the event of a workplace injury, which may result in long periods away from work. They may find comfort in knowing that most workers are eligible to claim benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. The aim of the fund is to provide financial aid to cover medical expenses and also a portion of lost wages.

Source:, “Man recuperating from Kendall County grain bin accident“, , July 17, 2014

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