Workers’ compensation: What kind of benefits can I receive?

A serious workplace injury is not an easy situation for the average California resident to manage. For one thing, the worker will be suffering from the pain and discomfort of the injury and he or she will be struggling to get better, get appropriate medical care and to gather enough funds to pay for the medical care. Secondly, the worker might not be able to continue working while injured, and this will significantly eradicate his or her income levels at a time when he or she needs a healthy income the most.

Fortunately, if the injuries were indeed job-related, a California worker can usually seek financial compensation to pay for lost income and medical care pertaining to his or her injuries by filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Here is the full scope of workers’ compensation benefits that might be available depending on the workers’ situation:

  • Money to pay for medical care related to the workplace injury.
  • Wage replacement benefits to help make financial ends meet while the worker is unable to carry out his or her job duties.
  • Money to pay for retraining costs when the worker is permanently hurt and cannot return to his or her former employment.
  • Compensation for permanent injuries.
  • Survivor benefits in the event of a fatal workplace injury.

Every workplace injury is different, and every workers’ compensation claim will require a unique approach to try and receive the maximum amount of benefits that the worker is entitled to. If you or your loved one got hurt on the job, be sure to understand your workers’ compensation rights before you file a claim.

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